Vendor Vault1


1 A room or compartment, often built of steel, for the safekeeping of valuables; a bank vault.

Like the valuables that a bank vault keeps secure, your vendor relationships are valuable: they are critical to your business operation.  The more efficiently you can interact with vendors, the faster your business operates.  But what about vendor compliance?  How can you be sure your staff interacts with vendors within regulatory compliance requirements?  Vendor Vault stores vendors’ completed security assessments, questionnaires, and certifications (think SSAE16, PCI DSS, etc) securely online, along with all of the vendor details you need. You can be assured that your staff orders the right products from only your approved and vetted vendors.

Secure your vendor relationships.  Ensure third party vendor compliance.  Increase the security around your mortgage lending business.  Use Vendor Vault.

Vendor Vault is one of the mortgage technology products offered by SharperLending LLC.  Known for being a longtime stalwart and trusted name in the mortgage industry, the SharperLending brand has become synonymous with innovation, reliability, security, and success.

Since 1989, SharperLending has provided mortgage technology solutions like Vendor Vault to the mortgage finance industry.  Our technology offerings include real estate appraisal technology with Appraisal Firewall, the XpertOnline credit reporting system, tax return income verification, fraud protection, regulatory compliance solutions, and other enterprise-level products.

SharperLending enables community, regional, and national lenders and settlement service providers to compete aggressively on a national level, to stay connected with their preferred vendors for the best service, quality and pricing, and deliver the best mortgage service to their customers.  SharperLending LLC corporate offices are located in Spokane, Washington State.