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Vendor Vault is secure, cloud-based software for mortgage lenders that provides access to all of your mortgage products and vendor management in a single, secure location. Adapted for the new mortgage lending compliance environment, Vendor Vault brings unparalleled efficiency and protection to the mortgage product ordering and vendor due diligence process.

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Product Ordering Made Easy

Your current mortgage vendors and products centralized into one single location.  That's what Vendor Vault provides.

Mortgage departments, including Officers and Processors, benefit because they only have to go to one place to work with their vetted and approved vendors. They can bundle products together to tighten up equity, refinance, and purchase origination and fulfillment processes.

Compliance departments love it because third party vendors are fully managed and they never have to worry about the use of non-sanctioned vendors.

Key Features

  • Order all of your mortgage products in one secure, seamless, web-based system
  • Create bundles of vendors and products that match your product lines: Purchase, Equity, Refinance
  • Use your selected and vetted vendors, including regional vendors, such as local title companies
  • Be assured that your loan processors only use approved vendors and reduce price fluctuations
  • Online vendor profiles provide you with storage and tracking of all vendor due diligence documentation, such as SSAE16, PCE DSS Level 1, and your own audit documentation
Benefits of Using Vendor Vault

  • Boost process efficiency
  • Increase security
  • Better control over the interaction between staff and third party vendors
  • Reduce third party vendor compliance inefficiencies
  • Gain further protection from audits
  • Close your loans faster, more securely, and with assurance that you comply with all state and federal regulations

Vendor Vault revolutionizes your vendor relationships. Contact us today and learn more about bundling your mortgage products.

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